Shadow Squad

Adventure 1: Listening Post Assault

"Miffing the Moff"

A trio of Rebel Alliance operatives are tasked with a covert assignment. Within the Imperial Outer Rim, Moff Tarkin (the Younger) has established a listening post to eavesdrop on his political rivals. The Rebels want this post for their own ends, so the operatives are smuggled onto the planet’s tiny spaceport.

Trekking through the woods, the group began to methodically sabotage Imperial vehicles and eliminate base security before an unexpected group of Imperial Army personnel arrived as an unexpected reinforcement. However, these soldiers proved unable to stop the three rebels from destroying them. The survivors included a captured Imperial Intelligence agent, an Imperial Officer, with the Rebels only moderately injured.

This being the first time the group has worked together, the Rebels still have to learn to fully utilize their various talents. Yet their success indicates their potential to further the cause of the Rebel Alliance in the galaxy.


james_trautwein james_trautwein

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