Shadow Squad

Wilk: Personal Log 1
Here's an example of a Personal Log

Being involved with the Rebels feels good, which might not be a good thing. Not that I think they are bad, but the Imperials offer way too many targets that need… slaying. Rahm always cautioned me to avoid a war with the Empire, for personal reasons or political reasons. I believe he said, “When Jedi became generals in the war, few were ever taught how mentally and morally deal with the death and destruction that war is.”

A Jedi in the Empire has to survive before anything else, and can only to help those who would never receive it otherwise. The galaxy rejected what the Jedi had become in the last age, so I have to be a Jedi that Rahm says “the galaxy needs.” So joining a group of Rebels who openly fight for a return of the Old Republic’s values… kinda isn’t the low-key righteousness Rahm wants.

Rahm taught me to eliminate threats quickly, efficiently, and without emotion. I guess… I have to be a sword… used moderately to avoid being twisted or damaged by the amount of times it is used. That’s the best metaphor I could come up with. Kaya’s on the trail of Imperials who she (and the Rebels) believe are behind those terrorist attacks. Between making sure she doesn’t become as bad as the Imperials are, and trying to show due mercy to Imperials who will see that as a sign of weakness… I may be a well-used sword in no time.

Adventure 1: Listening Post Assault
"Miffing the Moff"

A trio of Rebel Alliance operatives are tasked with a covert assignment. Within the Imperial Outer Rim, Moff Tarkin (the Younger) has established a listening post to eavesdrop on his political rivals. The Rebels want this post for their own ends, so the operatives are smuggled onto the planet’s tiny spaceport.

Trekking through the woods, the group began to methodically sabotage Imperial vehicles and eliminate base security before an unexpected group of Imperial Army personnel arrived as an unexpected reinforcement. However, these soldiers proved unable to stop the three rebels from destroying them. The survivors included a captured Imperial Intelligence agent, an Imperial Officer, with the Rebels only moderately injured.

This being the first time the group has worked together, the Rebels still have to learn to fully utilize their various talents. Yet their success indicates their potential to further the cause of the Rebel Alliance in the galaxy.

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